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Center for English Language Education (CELE)


The Center for English Language Education at Asia University fosters internationalism -- the belief that people of different countries should cooperate with and understand one another. Cooperation and intercultural understanding begin with communication and knowledge. Educating students to communicate in a foreign language with people from different cultures allows them to investigate the world in a new way and provides the foundation for lifelong intercultural exchanges.


The Asia University (AU) Center for English Language Education is a department at Asia University, located in Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan. In 1989, the English Language Education Research Institute (ELERI) was founded by former AU President Professor Shinkichi Eto. Professor Eto believed internationalism was the most significant aspect of Asia University's educational mission. Consequently, he felt students' communicative ability in foreign languages was integral to their internationalization. In 1998, the department was renamed the Center for English Language Education. Today, CELE is proud to carry on and expand the university’s ideals of international education.


Freshman English

Freshman English is an integrated-skills, topic-based EFL course with an emphasis on speaking and listening skills. Students will engage in reading and writing activities to reinforce their oral/aural skills; however, the primary course goal is developing students’ English conversation ability. While the primary course goals are the same for all class levels, teachers address specific objectives according to class level and students’ English proficiency.

Additional Classes

CELE faculty also teach Sophomore English and Elective English classes. Sophomore English is a content-based course that aims to provide a general introduction to the field of International Relations. It is a required course for all second-year International Relations students. Elective English classes are for students of any year or major at the university. The general purpose of elective classes is to continue to improve the overall communications skills students develop in Freshman English.


This is an annual publication providing an in-house forum for current and former faculty members to share their insights and research. We include articles from scholars at both Asia University and the Asia University America Program consortium schools.

Once at Asia University's Academic Repository, please use the following keywords:
For articles published during the years 1991-1998, use the keyword: ELERI
For articles published after 1998, use the keyword: CELE
For articles by a particular writer, use the writer’s name.


All CELE Visiting Faculty Members (VFMs) are experienced EFL/ESL teachers with at least a master's degree in TEFL/TESL or a related subject. Currently, there are 29 CELE VFMs from a variety of English-speaking countries. In addition to their teaching responsibilities, each VFM serves on at least one departmental committee and completes an annual project. The CELE administration includes the CELE Director, the CELE Vice Director, and the Assistant-Vice Director.


CELE Vice Director: SCHWARTZ Ben
Assistant- Vice Director: 
 PRICE Gareth

SCHWARTZ Benjamin, PRICE Gareth, CARPENTER James, MABE Kathryn, HANDLEY Caroline, CAVCIC Antonija, THOMAS Kevin, DWINNELLS Erin, BELL SHAW Neill, GERMINARIO Renato, PATERSON Thomas, PIERWIENIECKI Michal, LANE Peter, BATES Daniel, O'MAHONY Cian, BROWN Marnie, BREAUX Jacob, ZOE Delaine-Smith, DAMIEN French, BRENDAN Garland, LEE Hughes, ADAM Kaley, NADEEN Katz, ZACH Kelly, SIMON Park, PATRICK Parr, KIM Pollard, ANDREW Steltzer, MICHAEL Walker.

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