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Message from the President

Becoming a University where Each Student Shines and Supports the “Autonomy” to Have Confidence in Themselves ― Promoting Societal Contribution and Community Research that Ties Together the Local and the Global ―

Kurita Michiharu photo:Masahiro Ikejima

This marks the 33rd year since I became a member of this university. My fields of expertise are ethics, history of ethical thought, and volunteering doctrine.
During the Persian Gulf War in 1991, there was a plan to send a team comprised mainly of Asia University students to Iran to aid Kurdish refugees, and I provided support there as a member of the advance group. This led to the establishment of the “volunteering doctrine” in 1993.
During the 921 Earthquake in Taiwan in 1999, among the 1000-plus Taiwanese graduates who conducted safety checks, a movement emerged among faculty members to dispatch an independent relief team and over the course of 3 separate occasions 135 students and faculty members conducted activities on the ground. This also led to the establishment of the “disaster relief activity doctrine”.

At our university, whose principle is “the Spirit of Self-help and Cooperation”, many students with leadership qualities participate in activities such as the “Freshman Retreat” during the Freshmen Orientation and open campus events. Also, the student government organization is proactive in putting our motto into practice, and 58 different sports and culture clubs including our nationally recognized Baseball Club and Track and Field Club proactively conduct social contribution activities. My dream is to make our university one of the most active in volunteering activities along JR Chuo Railway Line.

Next year, our university will celebrate the 75th year of its founding. We have educated over 80,000 students and have sent many gifted professionals into society. Also, a new faculty–the Faculty of Urban Innovation¬–will be established in the next school year. Focused on a group of subjects known as “Active Learning” that emphasize fieldwork, this is a faculty that seeks to think about the future of cities from the standpoint of industry and society. In the second semester of their sophomore year, all students will study abroad at universities in Asia and the US for 5 months, after which they will participate in domestic and international internships, and take the first steps in becoming a globally-minded individual.

Our university, which was founded on the principle of “development of human resources who can create new horizons for Asian integration,” has welcomed Asian students studying abroad from countries such as Taiwan for over 60 years, and we currently have affiliated schools in 19 countries and areas, with approximately 380 foreign students currently studying at our institution. We have promoted diverse foreign language education where one can learn 14 different languages (8 of which are Asian and Middle Eastern).

Over 12,000 students have been sent forth thus far in the AUAP (Asia University America Program), which was started in 1989. Beyond this, we have developed various international study-abroad and exchange programs for language training, overseas internships such as collaboration between academia and industry in the form of AUCP (Asia YUME College¬–Career Development China Program), AUGP (Asia University Global Program) where students can choose to study abroad short-term at 14 universities overseas, and AUEP (Asia University Exchange Program) where students can study abroad for one year at 18 universities overseas. Since FY2012, we have rolled out the “Development of Dynamic Professionals for Asia and the World”, a project accepted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for their “Go Global Japan project” throughout the university primarily in the Faculty of International Relations.

As the foundation of an educational mentality based on such a founding philosophy and mission, we will support you to the utmost by aiming for the creation and maximization of “values” and “autonomy” among each student and graduate. KURI

KURITA Michiharu
President of Asia University
(Post assumed on October 1st, 2015)

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