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In 1941, Koa Senmon Gakko--Koa Professional School opened its doors on the site of the present Asia University campus. The school was founded with the underlying belief that education should be based on a spiritual closeness between teachers and students. It was a unique school at the time, as it accommodated all students in dormitories divided by course of study (Continental Asia, Southern Pacific Islands and the Homeland). In the same year, the Koa Educational Foundation was established with the aim of contributing to Asian nations.

In 1945, following the end of WWII, Kozo Ota was appointed president, and the institution made a new beginning as Nihon Keizai Senmon Gakko--Professional School of Japanese Economics. In 1950, as Japan experienced educational reforms, the institution was reorganized again as Nihon Junior College of Economics. For a number of years after WWII, relations with other Asian countries were almost nonexistent. Thus, in 1954, a Foreign Student Department was established within the college in an attempt to resume relations with other Asian countries. Consequently, Nihon Junior College of Economics became the first college in post-war Japan to accept a substantial number of foreign students.

Finally, in 1955, Asia University was established with a single department, the Faculty of Commerce. As the result of subsequent expansion and reorganization, the university is now comprised of five faculties (the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of International Relations , and the Faculty of Urban Innovation), three graduate schools (Graduate School of Asian and International Business Strategy, Graduate School of Economics and Graduate School of Law) and the Junior College (the former Nihon Junior College of Economics).

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