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Institute of Asian Studies


Why Asian studies now? As Western civilization turns a corner, Asia is experiencing dynamic growth. Taking this trend into consideration, the Institute of Asian Studies conducts research and sheds light on social as well as cultural matters concerning Japan and other Asian countries, passing back its findings to students and to professionals.

Research Projects

For research projects, a common investigative theme is set by multiple researchers (faculty members). For the purposes of conducting research, study groups are held and field studies are also conducted in neighboring Asian countries.

Investigative studies have been conducted by our team of researchers in the following countries: India, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The team then presents their findings after the completion of the research period.

Periodicals and Published Research Findings

The institute distributes the Annals of the Institute of Asian Studies (once per year) and the Institute of Asian Studies Bulletin (four times per year). The Annals are for a specialist audience, while the Bulletin is for a general audience. Also, the results of research projects are published in the Institute of Asian Studies Asian Research Series .
The institute also publishes books, namely the Bibliography of Tibetan Research and Tibet: A Political History.

Open Courses and Seminars

Open courses are held every spring. Lecturers from different fields give lectures one after another, based on a common theme. Furthermore, lectures on relevant topics are presented at the Asia Watcher seminars, which have been hugely popular, and fulfill the university’s role as an open facility for residents of the local community. Students can audit the seminars for free.

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