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International Programs

List of Overseas Schools with an Academic Exchange Agreement

Currently, Asia University has reached an academic exchange agreement with 86 universities and institutions overseas. At our university, we actively accept international students, and we rank at the top in the nation in terms of the ratio between the total number of students and the number of international students. In particular, there are many students from Asia, and as a result, we are true to our Founding Principle of “Contributing to Asia.” Furthermore, we facilitate various study abroad programs of our own which are unique and original. There is the America Program (AUAP) where we have sent over 13,000 students up to now, and the study abroad program that sends students to 14 different countries (AUGP). In addition, we have the one year exchange/dispatch study abroad program, called "Asia University Exchange Program (AUEP)", and “ASIA YUME COLLEGE (AUCP)” facilitates a study abroad program in China’s Dalian University of Foreign Languages as well as an internship program with a Japanese company. We are putting a lot of effort into developing global human resources who can play an active role in Asia and around the world in their future.

Acceptance of International Students


Asia University actively accepts students from all over the world. Specifically, there are many students from Asia, and as a result, we are true to our Founding Principle of “Contributing to Asia.” The presence of many international students gives an international flare to the campus, and through daily contact with students from all over the world, our Japanese students are also able to deepen their understanding of different cultures. There are also affiliated associations that are run by international students, further encouraging mutual exchanges with Japanese students. 
Additionally, the institution is fundamentally set up to accept foreign students, through programs such as the Intensive Japanese Course, where a student seeking admission into our regular university studies Japanese for one year, and we also have dormitories for international students, and scholarships.

Number of Foreign Students by Nationality

Number of Foreign Students by Nationality
Every year, there are about 350 foreign students who are enrolled to study at Asia University. The breakdown by nationality shows China to have the highest number, totaling about 300 students. This is followed by our other neighboring countries of Korea and Taiwan. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of students from other countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Vietnam, adding a further sense of cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism to the campus.

Acceptance of Foreign Students

In consideration of the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we are not accepting any applications for the 2021 school year.

In 1954, Chinese Student Services was opened in what had been Asia University’s predecessor, Nihon Junior College of Economics. The College took the initiative in the area of education for international students in post-war Japan, by accepting 96 students from Hong Kong. To date, more than 5,000 international students have graduated from our institution, and they have been playing an active role in Japan and around the world. We have reached an academic exchange agreement with 86 universities spanning over 23 countries and nations, and we actively facilitate exchange programs for students as well as for faculty members. The Intensive Japanese Course, which has been designed for students who primarily want to learn Japanese, boasts a long history and tradition. We enroll 60 students every year, starting with Mongolia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and students from other Asian countries. There are also students from the United States, and France. Students have the option to continue studying Japanese after being admitted to the regular college, and this allows them to learn technical jargon and study how to write theses while they are continuing to be taught in the subjects of their specific area of study.

Study Abroad Programs

AUAP(Asia University America Program)
AUAP(Asia University America Program)is the university’s own study abroad program that sends its students to one of seven universities located in the States of Washington, Arizona, California, Utah and New York. The credits earned meet the Requirement for Graduation of Asia University, eliminating the need to have to take an extra year of classes.
AUGP(Asia University Global Program)
AUGP(Asia University Global Program)is a study abroad program geared at the undergraduate level, where students can choose to study in 15 major countries throughout the world. The study period takes place either during the spring break or during summer vacation, and lasts anywhere from three to five weeks, eliminating the need to take any time off school.
AUEP(Asia University Exchange Program)
AUEP(Asia University Exchange Program)is a program that offers to make an exchange between or send students to universities that have created an academic exchange agreement together with our institution. This program is implemented in 23 colleges across Asia and North America.
“ASIA YUME COLLEGE”—Career Development China Program (AUCP)
The “ASIA YUME COLLEGE”—Career Development China Program is a universal program across the four Faculties (the Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of International Relations).
AUASP(Asia University Asian Studies Program)
The Asia University Asian Studies Program is a program in which students study for approximately five months at UCSI University, the top-ranked private university in Malaysia, located in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.
AUAP Online
This is an online program that allows students to take classes offered at one of the three Washington State universities that are a part of AUAP.
It is a great chance to learn English and experience different cultures, and there are opportunities to interact with American and local students outside of class as well.
AUASP Online
This is a program to take "Malaysian Studies" online through UCSI University, the host university of AUASP.
In addition to improving practical English skills, students also experience different cultures and diversity through interaction with local students living in Malaysia.

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