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Founding Philosophy & Mission

Founding Principles & Mission


Asia University fosters a spirit of Self-help and Cooperation. These ideals were first proposed by the university's founder, Kozo Ota, who wrote the following in his Our Founding Principles--Cultivating the Spirit of Self-help and Cooperation.

The spirit of “ Self-help,” the inspiration behind the establishment of this institution, encourages individuals to achieve personal autonomy, and to look to themselves as the greatest source of aid. Individuals must carve out their fate by virtue of their own efforts. It is said that the flower of cooperation grows from the root of Self-help. Since its establishment in 1941, Asia University has, as its mission, extended this spirit of Self-help and Cooperation into the international community. As stipulated in article one of the Asia University School Regulations, "The mission of this institution is to nurture minds capable of achieving an integrated Asia, with priority being placed on conducting research and taking constructive action relating to Asian culture and society." The university has remained true to this mission by providing the finest educational programs possible for its students so that upon graduation they may make a positive contribution to Japanese society, to the development of Asia and to the greater international community.

The recent surge of growth in Asia is eloquent testimony to the foresight of the university's ideals.

Fundamental Principles of Education

Fundamental Principles of Education

Three Policies of Asia University

Diploma Policy

We confer a diploma to students who have earned the designated credits under our rigorous grading system that is set out in the institution’s curriculum, and to those who possess the following abilities:
  1. Students who have acquired the spirit of Self-help and Cooperation, and those who possess a broad educational base and a high level of specialized knowledge with superior human qualities that can contribute to a global society.
  2. Students who can play an active role in society through an innovative and pragmatic approach, and by making best use of themselves and others.
  3. Students who possess the qualities and standards of a good citizen, and who can contribute to society in an innovative way by continuing to have the passion to learn throughout their lives as they set their own goals.

Curriculum Policy

We will implement a curriculum with an overall aim to develop individuals that can judge holistically but who have equally acquired basic and applicative knowledge in a specific field, as well as a broad intellect in addition to incorporating the following educational framework :
  1. Education with an aim to nurture individuals who will contribute to achieving the integration of the global community with a focus on Asia, and those who can understand and identify with their own culture as well as with others. Finally, those individuals will possess broad communication skills that are recognized around the world.
  2. Education with an overall aim to nurture individuals who are rich in humanity, and those who have acquired the Founding Principles of Self-help and Cooperation. Furthermore, those individuals who will be able to lead others while maintaining a sense of harmony.
  3. Education with an overall aim to nurture individuals who can actively create a new social order, and those who have a deep insight into the shifting nature of society, and can proactively analyze diverse issues while possessing the practical skills to find solutions.

Admission Policy

We look for people who show an interest in the global community, especially with a focus on Asia, and those who have the ambition to dedicate themselves to playing an active role in the international arena, and making a difference in the world while possessing a passionate yearning to learn. Furthermore, we also seek the following qualities in our candidates:
  1. Individuals who are academically inclined, and who have an insatiable appetite to learn while proactively engaging in new endeavors.
  2. Individuals who have broad global perspectives, and who are hoping to play an active role in the international arena with a focus on Asia.
  3. Individuals who are sincere and warm-hearted, and who can have earnest discussions and dialogues with other people.

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