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Undergraduate Faculties

Faculty of Business Administration

Business Administration is the study and understanding of business operations and related aspects of society from the three dimensions of marketing, personnel and technology. Private corporations are the main focus of our inquiries, however, the subject can be applied to any entity that can broadly be defined as an organization, such as public offices or schools. What is sought in a radically-changing business environment is the ability to interpret the shifts in any given period of time and to offer the provision of innovative ideas.

The Faculty of Business Administration will develop the practical skills of students by including special lectures from top business managers in its curriculum and unique career formation programs, as well as internships.

Faculty of Economics

Economics is the subject that is concerned with the creation of value through our finite resources, and the knowledge of how to distribute them. From the daily consumption behavior of individuals, to the economic activity of the society in its entirety, the focus of economic inquiries is very broad. By focusing on the study of the behavior of people and organizations under the varied market economic systems of today, we will deepen our awareness regarding every structure of our society such as households, regional societies and non-profit groups. Economics is a living subject that reflects our shifting time period. The aim of the class is to create individuals who can read the dynamic nature of the market economy and can be put to use quickly in the real world.

Faculty of Law

The study of law provides an opportunity to study various laws forming the underlying premise of a constitutional state. In the study of law, students will understand various laws that are closely related to the basic rules of society in people’s daily lives and foster logical thinking skills that are required in the interpretation of law. By offering courses where students can learn Japanese language skills, numerical information-processing capabilities, and current issues, the Faculty of Law also meets the needs of students who wish to become civil servants. While providing opportunities to learn legal solutions for various issues, the Faculty of Law will foster individuals with problem-solving skills based on a wide range of legal knowledge.

Faculty of International Relations

The Faculty of International Relations seeks to develop individuals who will be able to create international community networks, and play an active role in Japan and abroad. The program offers courses in English and other foreign languages.From the Freshman year through senior year, students will participate in seminars which provide in-depth training on international society and the cultures of other nations.


Faculty of Urban Innovation

City Science" is an academic discipline that emerged in the United States and Europe at the beginning of the 21st century and has come to the forefront quickly. This academic discipline aims to study the methodology that helps to develop cities with superb livability by introducing completely new ideas and approaches. The Faculty of Urban Innovation offers a learning opportunity in a variety of practical subjects, such as making use of “Big Data,” popularly used in IT industries for the improvement and evolution of city functions—transportation, environment, disaster prevention, and so forth, and thinking about the contents that enhance the city’s culture and transmission capability.


Voices of International Students

What are some of the thoughts and feelings of international students who studied at Asia University? We will hear from them in their own words.

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