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Study Abroad Programs

We offer a unique yet diverse array of study abroad programs. To name a few, students may choose to take part in our America Program, in which we have successfully sent over 13,000 students to the United States to date. They might also select our Study Abroad program that takes place in 19 countries around the world; or choose our one year exchange/dispatch study abroad program. In addition, we also offer a program with “ASIA YUME COLLEGE”, where students can either study at China’s Dalian University of Foreign Languages or work as an intern in one of the locally-based Japanese companies in Dalian. We offer a range of support services to encourage student participation in the study abroad programs.

AUAP (Asia University America Program)

An authentic five-month study program in the United States.
Nurturing global citizens through experiencing education and life in the United States.

The AUAP(Asia University America Program)is the university’s original study-abroad program that sends its students to one of five colleges located either in the State of Washington, Arizona, and California. The credits earned meet the Requirement for Graduation of Asia University, eliminating the need to have to take an extra year of classes. Students either live with local students as roommates in dormitories or with host families for five months, and aim to gain proficiency in English and an understanding of US culture leading to greater self-discovery. The strength of our student support services is evident from our small-class-sized instructions, and the thorough orientation seminars given to students before and after the program.

  • Regardless of English proficiency, it is possible to participate in the AUAP!
  • Students can still graduate within four years, even after studying abroad for five months!
  • Live with local students while staying in a dormitory!
  • Full support system backed by local staff! The average TOEIC® score goes up by 130 points!
  • Career guidance leading to employment and career progression!
AUAP (Asia University America Program)
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Overseas Study Destinations (United States of America)

Central Washington University/Eastern Washington University/Western Washington University/Arizona State University/San Diego State University

AUGP (Asia University Global Program)

A short study-abroad program with an aim to improve linguistic skills and gain a better understanding of different cultures.
The opportunity to experience a different type of summer vacation!

AUGP(Asia University Global Program)is a study-abroad program geared for the undergraduate level where students can choose to study at colleges in 14 major countries throughout the world. The study period takes place either during the spring break or the summer vacation, and lasts anywhere from three to five weeks, eliminating the need to take time off from school. Local accommodation for students is either in the form of a home-stay or a dormitory, allowing for an intensive exposure to the local language as well as the local culture outside of class-room studies.

  • Credit recognized short-term study-abroad program of 3-5 weeks!
  • Option to select from 15 universities in 14 different countries!
  • Students can take part in the AUGP any number of times while they are enrolled!
  • Study together with local students as well as international students!
  • The option to take part in an internship with local companies during their time abroad!
AUGP (Asia University Global Program)
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Overseas Study Destinations

«Summer Program»
Beijing Normal University (China), Kyung Hee University (Korea), University of Limerick (Ireland), Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (New Zealand), University of Al Azhar Indonesia (Indonesia), UCSI University (Malaysia)

«Spring Program»
University of Tasmania/University of Sydney (Australia), University of Leeds (UK), University of Manitoba (Canada), University of Salamanca (Spain), Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (India), Saint Petersburg State University (Russia), University of Freiburg (Germany), University of Burgundy (France)

AUEP (Asia University Exchange Program)

Students will acquire sophisticated linguistic skills and international experience after passing the selection examination.
This is a long-term study abroad program perfectly designed for students like you.

The AUEP(Asia University Exchange Program) is a program that facilitates student exchanges or student dispatches abroad between universities that have created an academic agreement together with Asia University. Currently, we have an agreement between 18 schools in Asia and North America. To date, we have exchanged or sent over 500 students abroad. The period of student exchange is approximately one year each.

  • A well-developed scholarship program is available!
  • 18 schools to choose from for overseas study destinations!
  • The acquisition of practical linguistic skills as well as international experience!
  • The ability to take classes in the local language!
  • We provide career guidance too!
AUEP (Asia University Exchange Program)
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Overseas Study Destinations

Beijing Normal University (China), Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics (China), Dalian University of Foreign Languages (China), East China Normal University (China), Tamkang University (Taiwan), New Asia College, Chinese University of Hong Kong (China), Western Washington University (US), Eastern Washington University (US), Central Washington University (US), Boise State University (US), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Matej Bel University (Slovakia), Mongolian State University of Education (Mongolia), University of Indonesia (Indonesia), Srinakharinwirot University (Thailand), Kyung Hee University (Korea), Dongseo University (Korea), University of Malaya(Malaysia)

“ASIA YUME COLLEGE”—Career Development China Program (AUCP)

The “ASIA YUME COLLEGE”—Career Development China Program is a shared program for the four Faculties (the Department of Business Administration in the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of International Relations).

Given the attention that China receives globally for its continued economic growth, our aim is to develop human resources that can serve as a bridge between Japan and China. The “ASIA YUME COLLEGE” academic program is founded on a Double Major Education, with an Industry-Academia Collaborative Education, Study-Abroad or an Internship Program in China for 5 Months, an Intensive Chinese Course, and small-class-sized instruction.

Applicants must be enrolled in Asia University and must pass the Asia University “ASIA YUME COLLEGE” Examination.

  • A curriculum that teaches students everything about China!
  • Experience Japanese-Chinese business customs through a local internship!
  • Study abroad in China for five months, sharing a room with Chinese students!
  • A strong support system through the collaboration between Japanese-Chinese sponsored companies!
  • A program that develops valuable human resources who will find employment easily!
“ASIA YUME COLLEGE”—Career Development China Program (AUCP)
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Overseas Study Destinations (China)

Dalian University of Foreign Languages

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