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Support for International Students

Japanese Classes Available in Undergraduate Faculties

Not all students will possess adequate Japanese skills when they are first admitted to the university. At Asia University, Japanese classes are offered to foreign students in order for them to continue studying and have a better understanding of the subjects being taught in their Faculty. Every Faculty offers Japanese classes.

During their first year, students will take four Japanese classes (each 90 minutes) per week. Each class is designed in a way for students to gain Japanese skills as well as the basic knowledge that is necessary in their respective Faculty. Students will learn how to read texts, how to take notes during lectures, how to gather information, how to make presentations, and how to write reports. During the first semester, basic learning abilities will be reviewed, and from the second semester, students will acquire slightly more advanced Japanese skills.

As a way to further enhance practical Japanese skills, a Written Expression class is also offered to foreign students. The class aims to develop the writing skills that are necessary for the creation of academic theses which are indispensable in a university setting. In addition, students will learn practical writing skills and creative writing skills in preparation for their professional life after college.

The following subjects are also available for international students. The classes are all taught in Japanese, but they are structured in a way that is easy for foreign students to understand. As a result, students are able to gain knowledge in an enjoyable way.

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●Japanese History for International Students
The class explores clues to understand modern Japan by looking back on momentous events such as the creation of the country, the Sino-Japanese War, and the Russo-Japanese War. By relating these events to world history, students will learn the progression of Japanese culture.

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