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Voices of International Students

A message from an international student enrolled in our Undergraduate Faculties program.

SUKBANJONG Pacharakanokfrom Kingdom of Thailand, Faculty of International Relations

ADREES Abdullah Ali

The Right Place

I'm from Thailand. I never thought that I can come to Japan for studying abroad before. It was my dream. But now, I have lived in Japan for 3 years and I swear that Japan never made me feel like "aww, I wanna go back to my hometown." My major is International Relations. The diversity of Asia University is no joke. I have so many friends, they are Japanese and foreigners. I have no idea how l am supposed to live in Japan without them. It's fun to meet them at the university. 

As well as wonderful people around me, one of my friends is “The Library.” It is an interesting place. I can watch the movie on the fourth floor and there are so many movies. Sometimes, I borrow some TOEIC books from seventh floor and go to fourth floor for practicing. It is really great because I can use DVD player and spend my time for it. The facilities are amazing especially in the library. 

In the cafeteria called Asia Plaza, they have so many kinds of food. To me, the best is fried chicken with salty sauce on the second floor. But the calory is too high, so please be careful (But, It's really delicious).
And last but not least, thank you everyone and every occasion that brought me here. Thank you ASEAN scholarship for a precious chance. Thank you so much.


NAW Florence Tunfrom Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Faculty of Economics

My Second Home

I arrived Japan in 2014 to learn Japanese language. I studied Japanese language for two years in a language school. Later, I applied Asia University for my further study. Even though I graduated with the university in Myanmar, I want to learn more about Japanese economics because Japan is one of the first developed countries in Asia. That is why I applied economics major in Asia University. 

I have two reasons why I chose Asia University. The first reason is not only teachers but also all the staffs of the university are very friendly and kind. If you have any problem, you can consult frankly with them. All the teachers take care of you. Sometimes you might feel like they are your parents. 

I had unforgettable memories in my first year. I was hospitalized for three weeks alone. However, I did not have any bad mode because the university staff always came to see me almost every day. They even helped me to call my parents. I had nothing to pay for my hospital fees and calling my mother. 
Secondly, AU has very good supporting courses for the international students. When I was a first year student, I could only spoke so called “survival Japanese.” I did not know any formal words, and the worst thing was that I did not know any economic terms. Fortunately, in the first and second year, AU offered Japanese language courses. In the course, they taught us economic terms and the skill to read Japanese books. This is the second reason why I chose AU.

Not only the teachers but also Japanese students are very kind to foreign students. I have many Japanese friends as well as foreign students from Thailand, Vietnam, China, France, Taiwan, and Nepal. All of them are good to me.  

After graduation, I have a plan to work a few years in Japan to get more experience. After that, I will go back to my country to make a small company that connects with Japan. I can also say Asia University is my second home and I strongly recommend you to come and study together in this wonderful school.

AHMED Md.parvezfrom Bangladesh (Dhaka) , Faculty of Business Administration

AHMED Md.parvez

Asia University ; where you can experience Cultural Diversity

I Think Asia University is one of the good University in Japan. Specially for the foreigner students. From my childhood I wanted to go in japan .In 2008, finally I came in Japan.Then I got interest in Japanese management system. To learn Japanese management system I entered in Asia University. I learned a lot of things about Japanese management system. And I also made many friends. I have made not only Japanese friends but also Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Nepal friends and having this experience of cultural diversity and only became possible by studying at Asia University. I just have to consider myself more than lucky for having different international exchange experiences in Japan that I could never find in books or Internet etc. My Dream is to go back to my country and make a small company. There I want to recruit Bangladeshi People and want to play a positive role for growing the economy. I learnt a lot of things about Japanese culture, and Japanese people thinking’s, Japanese Tradition, culture etc. in future I want to teach things to my countries people.

Christine Ja Lungfrom Myanmar(Myitkyina) , Faculty of Business Administration

Christine Ja Lung

The major that I study in Asia university is business administration. After I entered to asia university I have a chance to learn a lot that are related with my major.My knowledge about the business is improved much. I am really satisfied with the facilities that asia university offers . Libraries with many books , provide desktop and laptop computers with good net working .Asia University international student support center help us a lot. Asia university is a university with a good reputation for international student . I have many opportunities to meet not only Japanese students but also the other international students. So, I can learn the different cultures from them. If the student wish, we can go to other foreign countries like America , England ,etc .. as an exchange program or internship program . So, we have many chances to improve our abilities during studying in Asia University .

Tran Han Mienfrom Vietnam (Hanoi) , Faculty of Business Administration

Tran Han Mien

I’m business major’s student of Asia University. Until now, I’ve been studied here for nearly 2 years. During study at Asia University, I’ve learnt many things, had many new friends and grown up a lot here. Of course you can learn knowledge about the major you chose here. But one of the best things I can feel since the moment I have been here is about the relationship between teachers and students, students and students. Teachers are always gentle, always take care of me if I really can understand everything they said or not, if I can joy other Japanese students or not. Not only the teachers who teach you but also the teachers who work at the office are very friendly all the time and always take care about international students’ financial, rental or life problem, ect..Sometime I was surprised because they know and remember things about me more then I can image. I really feel that I am taken care here. Many parties are hold very often to let international students and Japanese students have chance to communicate with each others, to understand each other’s culture and to become friends. This way, It made me feel more and more confident about me and about my Japanese ability also. I met some friends who changed me a lot and very important to me. I’m really happy to be here, to study here and to grow up here.

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