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Voices of International Students

Faculty of Urban Innovation, Department of Urban Innovation
Sawedgrod Kittitatch
(From Thailand)

ADREES Abdullah Ali

Accumulating the latest knowledge to resolve urban issues and become a community innovator
Q. What made you decide on the Faculty of Urban Innovation?
 I chose it because I was interested in community development. I learned about the Asia University study abroad program while I was studying Japanese at a university in Thailand. I thought I had better invest in my own potential rather than regret it later, so I decided to study abroad.
Q. What are you especially focused on studying in the Faculty of Urban Innovation?
 Currently, I’m learning about what is necessary for the creation of comfortable urban spaces. All of the topics we learn about in our classes are intriguing, from business administration and sociology, to urban planning and big data. In my second year, I even participated in a work experience at a global company.
The Data Sciences minor is a program in which students systematically learn about data sciences, and is available to students in all faculties.
Q. Why did you decide to do a minor in data sciences?
 I like PC gaming, and would like to create my own games. I chose the data sciences minor because it allows me to study various programming languages and tools for that purpose.
Q. What kind of things are you learning by minoring in data sciences?
 We have fun in our classes while studying about the latest technologies such as deep learning. Two experiences that left an impression on me in a class called the “Data Sciences Application Project” were controlling a drone via artificial intelligence, and using programming to compose music.
Q. Please tell us about your future goals and dreams.
 After gaining experience in Japan, my dream is to start my own company in Thailand. I would like to become an innovator who can make a difference in Bangkok, which is a large metropolis facing issues like traffic jams and air pollution. I would also like to share the wonders of Japan’s culture and subcultures with the world.

Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration
Tran My Linh
(From Vietnam)

I want to work in tourism between Japan and my home country!
Q. Why did you choose Asia University as your study abroad destination?
 At the time I was majoring in Japanese at a university specializing in foreign languages in Hanoi, Vietnam. I was able to get a scholarship from Asia University, so I decided to use that chance to study abroad in Japan. In the future I am interested in working in marketing or product development, so I chose the Faculty of Business Administration.
Q. What makes you glad that you attend Asia U?
 At Asia University I made friends from many countries and regions, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, and of course, Japan. Everyone is friendly, and I am always inspired by them. It’s also reassuring to know that you can consult with the staff at the International Center about not only your studies but also life matters.
Q. Which class is most interesting to you?
 My marketing classes in general are especially interesting. In these classes we learn about the continuous workflow from market research to product development in order to provide products that customers want. The class called “Managerial Marketing Theory” in particular is very interesting, as we are able to learn about marketing using things such as recent commercials.
Q. In the future, how would you like to use what you learned in university? Please tell us about your future goals and dreams.
 I’d like to utilize the knowledge I’ve acquired while attending university and find a job in Japan. In addition to Japanese, I’m also studying English and Chinese, so I’m interested in getting a job that is related to travel. After gaining experience in Japan, my dream is to eventually work in the tourism industry in Vietnam.

Faculty of International Relations, Department of International Relations
Le Viet Tan Phat
(From Vietnam)

Gaining specialist knowledge and language skills

Q. Why did you choose Asia University as your study abroad destination?
 I attended Asia University’s Intensive Japanese Course, on which I studied Japanese for one year and then entered the Faculty of International Relations. I chose Asia University because I thought it would allow me to utilize my English and Japanese skills while developing diverse perspectives in a world that is continually globalizing. In order to make that a reality, I hope to gain various types of knowledge at this university.

Q. What are you studying in the Department of International Relations?
 We study about the SDGs, issues faced by developing countries, and the global economy. From the second year, I chose to study the Economics and Business course, where we focus on learning about things such as the structure of companies under advancing globalization, and marketing.

Q. What do you like about Asia University?
 Since Asia U has good scholarship programs and support structures for international students, we are able to focus on our studies while at the same time enjoying life in Japan. Since there are not only Japanese students but also international students from many different countries, attending Asia U enables you to make all kinds of new acquaintances and expand your relationships.

Q. In the future, how would you like to use what you learned in university? Please tell us about your future goals and dreams.
 I would like to attend graduate school and conduct research with a focus on marketing. After finishing graduate school, I hope to get a job at a multinational company in Japan and serve in a bridging role between Japan and Vietnam. Looking ten years down the road, I also have a big dream of introducing Vietnam’s specialty coffee products to the Japanese market and starting my own company.

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