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Voices of International Students

A message from an international student enrolled in our Undergraduate Faculties program.

ADREES Abdullah Alifrom Saudi Arabia (Qatif Majidiah) , Faculty of Business Administration

ADREES Abdullah Ali

Me & Asia Univ.

In 2008, I came to Japan from Saudi Arabia then I entered Asia University as business student in 2010. When I was in the language school, my teacher recommended AU because AU has a good reputation as accepter to international students. I think this is the most important thing that international students look for when they search for a school to study because the study environment for them will be completely prepared at AU. For example, AU holds parties twice a year to give an opportunity of making friendships between international students and Japanese students. Besides holding parties, they also do a camping trip to let international students know more about Japanese culture and behavior. Also, AU makes a speech contest for international students to give them a chance to show what they have of ability in Japanese.
AU has a lot of programs that educate students to be global talents. I had an opportunity to participate in some of them. For example, I studied abroad in America for five months through AUAP (Asia University America Program). Through this program I was able to improve my skills in English, and know more about American culture. Also, I participated in Summer 2012 Global Career Program, which is a three-week program that takes place in California to experience a company internship.
All these things make me satisfied to be a student at AU. We are international students and Japanese students work together under nice relationships, which is important to have it to be able to make a good result during student life.

AHMED Md.parvezfrom Bangladesh (Dhaka) , Faculty of Business Administration

AHMED Md.parvez

Asia University ; where you can experience Cultural Diversity

I Think Asia University is one of the good University in Japan. Specially for the foreigner students. From my childhood I wanted to go in japan .In 2008, finally I came in Japan.Then I got interest in Japanese management system. To learn Japanese management system I entered in Asia University. I learned a lot of things about Japanese management system. And I also made many friends. I have made not only Japanese friends but also Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Nepal friends and having this experience of cultural diversity and only became possible by studying at Asia University. I just have to consider myself more than lucky for having different international exchange experiences in Japan that I could never find in books or Internet etc. My Dream is to go back to my country and make a small company. There I want to recruit Bangladeshi People and want to play a positive role for growing the economy. I learnt a lot of things about Japanese culture, and Japanese people thinking’s, Japanese Tradition, culture etc. in future I want to teach things to my countries people.

Christine Ja Lungfrom Myanmar(Myitkyina) , Faculty of Business Administration

Christine Ja Lung

The major that I study in Asia university is business administration. After I entered to asia university I have a chance to learn a lot that are related with my major.My knowledge about the business is improved much. I am really satisfied with the facilities that asia university offers . Libraries with many books , provide desktop and laptop computers with good net working .Asia University international student support center help us a lot. Asia university is a university with a good reputation for international student . I have many opportunities to meet not only Japanese students but also the other international students. So, I can learn the different cultures from them. If the student wish, we can go to other foreign countries like America , England ,etc .. as an exchange program or internship program . So, we have many chances to improve our abilities during studying in Asia University .

Tran Han Mienfrom Vietnam (Hanoi) , Faculty of Business Administration

Tran Han Mien

I’m business major’s student of Asia University. Until now, I’ve been studied here for nearly 2 years. During study at Asia University, I’ve learnt many things, had many new friends and grown up a lot here. Of course you can learn knowledge about the major you chose here. But one of the best things I can feel since the moment I have been here is about the relationship between teachers and students, students and students. Teachers are always gentle, always take care of me if I really can understand everything they said or not, if I can joy other Japanese students or not. Not only the teachers who teach you but also the teachers who work at the office are very friendly all the time and always take care about international students’ financial, rental or life problem, ect..Sometime I was surprised because they know and remember things about me more then I can image. I really feel that I am taken care here. Many parties are hold very often to let international students and Japanese students have chance to communicate with each others, to understand each other’s culture and to become friends. This way, It made me feel more and more confident about me and about my Japanese ability also. I met some friends who changed me a lot and very important to me. I’m really happy to be here, to study here and to grow up here.

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