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Graduate Schools

The Graduate School of Asian and International Business Strategy aims to develop individuals possessing a high level of research skills with a special regard to corporate activities in Asian regions, as well as the strategic behaviors and use of human resources by corporations within that region. This will be achieved through surveying the regional characteristics of Asia from a global perspective, starting with China. The course will also explore the cultivation of planning skills in the regions, as well as implementation capabilities concerned with management strategies, based on an insight into macro issues and in relation to the policies such as the environment, resources, and industrial technology.

The Graduate School of Economics aims to contribute to the future development of Japan and Asia through training researchers and specialized professionals who possess a high level of specialized knowledge and who are capable of responding to the changes taking place in the economic community which is becoming increasingly more complex by utilizing deep analytical skills as well as insights gained through research.

The Graduate School of Law develops researchers, sophisticated specialized professionals, as well as individuals who will play an active role in the world as a result of having acquired a high level of legal education through specialized studies and teachings in legal fields that are becoming ever more diverse.

Voices of International Students

What are some of the thoughts and feelings of international students who study at Asia University? We will hear from them, in their own voices.

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