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Voices of International Students

Message from a student who is enrolled in the Graduate School of Asia University.

ZHANG XUERUIfrom China, Graduate School of Asian & International Business Strategy

NGUYEN Thi Truc Quynh

It is my sixth year at Asia University of Japan (AU). At AU, the four-year study in the undergraduate courses includes professional courses as well as courses from other faculties. Additionally, there are also exchange opportunities for students to study at different universities in other countries. During these 6 years, I have built up positive relationships with the professors who are professional and responsible. 

After I finish studying graduate course, I have not only gained relevant knowledge by learning from and communicating with professors, but also developed a solid understanding of my research direction. 

AU highly values the life and safety of foreign students in Japan. Therefore, the International Student Services Division has been sat up to look after the international students. This division is distinct from other universities. All in all, the AU has responsible teachers and professional courses. We look forward to your coming.


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