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Voices of International Students

Message from a student who is enrolled in the Graduate School of Asia University.

NGUYEN Thi Truc Quynhfrom Vietnam (Binh Dinh) , Graduate School of Asian & International Business Strategy

NGUYEN Thi Truc Quynh

Find Your Passion, Follow Your Dream

As a Vietnamese student majoring in business, I have not been learning merely professional knowledge but also method of critical thinking in addition to diversity of Asian region’s cultures at Asia University. After graduation, I would like to start my working life at a Japanese company who plans to expand their business into Vietnamese market. I do hope to become a bridge between companies of the two countries, and that my knowledge acquired at Asia University would be a helpful weapon to ladder up my confidence.
Recognized as one of Asia University’s attractions, it offers an active learning environment in where students are encouraged to develop our independent thoughts and our personality. Besides, in order to help students - especially international students- are able to overcome their problems in studying, researching at university or the daily troubles , teachers and staffs always give the advices as enthusiastically as they can. To me, their caring went above and beyond the expected.
If you want to master knowledge of Asian business environment, desire to success the way you want to do, I recommend Asia University. I am sure that you can find out your dream here and find out your passion to follow your dream.

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