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Intensive Japanese Course Admissions

The Intensive Japanese Course is a preparatory course where Japanese language and affairs are taught to international students seeking entry to Asia University. It was established in 1954, and has served as a pioneer in the field of bringing international students to Japan.

Since then, there have been over 2,000 graduates of the course. The one-year curriculum is comprised of Japanese (script, writing, grammar, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension); Japanese affairs, which teaches the geography and culture of Japan; English; and conversational English.

The Intensive Japanese Course is made up of international students only, but there are plenty of opportunities for exchanges to take place between the international and Japanese students. Through the various events hosted by the International Student Association, many friendships have been born that reach beyond borders.

Number of Students to be Admitted

Number of students to be admitted in April, 2019 70 students

Class Structure

One class contains 15〜20 students; with a three-class formation.
*Three classes will be formed based on each student’s Japanese language proficiency level as determined through the placement test taken after admission.

Application and Admission Procedure

First Round of Recruitment

Due by 10/17/2016 (Monday) *Only for applications by mail
Acceptance Letter
Due by 11/7/2016 (Monday) *Announcement only by mail
Admission Procedure Documents
Due by 11/21/2016 (Monday) *Tuition and procedural documents

Second Round of Recruitment

Due by 11/17/2016 (Thursday) *Only for applications by mail
Acceptance Letter
Due by 11/28/2016 (Monday) *Announcement only by mail
Admission Procedure Documents
Due by 12/12/2016 (Monday) *Tuition and procedural documents

Third Round of Recruitment

*The third round of recruitment concerns those who are already residing in Japan, or who are able to come to Asia University for an interview. However, for students who already belong to other university-based intensive Japanese courses in Japan or a Japanese language school at the time of recruitment, only those who will have spent less than a year in their respective programs by 3/31/2017 will be eligible to apply.
Due by 2/2/2017 (Thursday) *Only for applications by mail
Acceptance Letter for Application Screening
Due by 2/8/2017(Wednesday) *Announcement only by mail
Only for those who passed the application screening process 2/13/2017 (Monday)
Acceptance Letter
Due by 2/16/2017 (Thursday) *Announcement only by mail
Admission Procedure Documents
Due by 2/24/2017 (Friday) *Tuition and procedural documents

Selection Method

First round of recruitment, Second round of recruitment:Application screening Third round of recruitment:Application screening, interview

Admission Results Based on Country and Region

  Applied Accepted
China 13 13
Nepal 0 0
Korea 0 0
Nepal 1 1
Vietnam 2 2
Other 2 2
Total 18 18
  Applied Accepted
China 11 8
Nepal 4 4
Korea 3 3
Nepal 1 1
Vietnam 5 5
Other 7 5
Total 31 26
  Applied Accepted
China 9 6
Nepal 4 4
Korea 4 4
Nepal 5 3
Vietnam 7 7
Other 18 4
Total 47 28

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