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Extracurricular Activities

Make friends by joining an extracurricular club!
We hear comments every year that international students want to meet more Japanese students, and vice versa. If that is what you are feeling, then we suggest you join a club, and make friends that will last throughout your life through extracurricular activities.

At Asia University, there are organizations starting with the Athletic Clubs (which comprise many athletic-oriented clubs), the Academic and Cultural Clubs (made up of arts and sciences-oriented clubs) and the Student Association’s Central Executive Committee. Each organization fosters friendship through extracurricular activities, and aims for a stimulating student life through valuable learning opportunities that cannot be gained through classroom instruction alone.

Athletic Clubs

Hardball Baseball Club/ Track and Field Club/ Volleyball Club/
Soccer Club/ Tennis Club/ Asia University Women's Lawn Tennis Club/
Kendo Club/ Judo Club/ Ski Club/ American Football Club/ Iaido Club/
Cheerleading Club/ Karatedo Club/ Kyudo Club/Golf Club/
Automobile Club/ Social Physical Education Society/
Semi-hardball Baseball Club/ Women's Volleyball Club/ Swimming Club/
Sepak Takraw Club/Rubber-ball Baseball Club/ Basketball Club/ Badminton Club/
Boxing Club/ Archery Club/ Hiking Club/Women's Track and Field/

Academic and Cultural Clubs

Asia University Volunteer Center/
Volunteer Group Seseragi/
A.U.NET (computer)/ Cinema Club/
Theater Society/ Gamelan Club/
Light Music Club/ Economics Society/
Classical Studies Society/ Photography Club/
Silk Road and Mongolia Society/ Wind Orchestra/
Spanish Language and Cultural Society/ World Folk Song Society/
"Daisanbunmei" the Third Civilization Society/
Exploration Club/ TANZ (dance)/
Chinese Language Society/ Hawaiian Music Society/
French Language Society/ Broadcasting Society/
Special Legal Studies Society/ Manga Club/
Youth Hostel Club/ Latin America Society/ Russian Language Society/ Shogi Club/ FAITH(making videos)/

Student Associations

Student Association Central Bureau/
International Culture Bureau/
Public Relations Bureau/ Financial Affairs Bureau/
Student Aid and Welfare Support Association/
Student Yearbook Committee/ Home Prefecture Association/
Student Health Insurance Committee/
“ASIA-SAI" Festival Executive Committee/
Sports Day Executive Committee/ Sound Reinforcement Crew/
Freshmen Orientation Committee/ Newspaper Committee/
Overseas Student Activities Grant Steering Committee/

*There are also other Registered Clubs and Groups.

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