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Cooperation with Musashino-city

International Organizations that are active in Musashino-city

There are several international organizations active in Musashino-city where Asia University is located, and all students can take part in the activities of those organizations.

Musashino International Association (MIA)

Musashino International Association is established for the purpose of promoting international exchanges and cooperation at a citizen’s level, and for supporting the foreign residents of Musashino-city.

Numerous projects are undertaken for the purpose of supporting international students, and the MIA actively facilitates volunteer activities. The International Center of Asia University announces the various events hosted by the MIA. This leads to an increase in the scope of exchange, and it creates an opportunity for students to gain further information. Students can register with the MIA by submitting a designated postcard.

Main Activities
  • Musashino International Student Family Program
  • International Resident Regional Participation Program
  • Professional Consultation for International Residents
  • Consultations in Various Languages
  • Information Corner
Contact Information

Musashino International Association (MIA)

Tokyo Musashino Lions Club

Through hosting a range of fun and interesting events such as barbecues, traditional ‘Bon’ dances, and historical bus tours of Japan, the Musashino Lions Club tries to promote international exchanges between local residents and international students, and encourages everyone to experience the cultural aspects of Japan.
Contact Information

Asia University
International Center
5-8 Sakai, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-8629 JAPAN

Tel: 81-422-36-3255
Fax: 81-422-36-4869

Musashino International Club (MIC)

Musashino International Club has a long history as an international association organization in Musashino City. It aims for interactions with international students on a personal level, and offers a variety of support in the hope that students will feel happy about their experiences in Japan. The MIC hosts the following events:
  • New Year’s Party
  • Girls Day
  • Bon-Festival Dance 
  • Cooking Lessons by International Residents

There are other exchange-based activities organized by the MIC, with Musashino City as well as with other cities. We look forward to meeting you.

Exchanges with Elementary Schools in Musashino-city

Picture from the exchange

As part of the Japanese Affairs class in the Intensive Japanese Course, students will visit elementary schools in Musashino-city.

International students will share a school meal with the children and play with them during recess, after showing them where they are from on a world map and teaching them about their culture.

Students will interact with the children for a whole day, and directly experience life in a Japanese elementary school.

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