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  • 5-8 Sakai, Musashino-shi,Tokyo 180-8629 JAPAN
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Campus Facilities

Musashino Campus

Musashino-city is endowed with rich greenery even with its close proximity to the metropolis. In this idyllic environment, there are 7000 Japanese students, studying together with international students.
Building 1

Picture of Building 1

This building houses the Registration Center, various offices regarding Research Offices of faculty members.

Building 3

Picture of Building 3

This building houses seminar halls, small classrooms used for language classes, and large halls for special lectures. The picture shows a large hall that can house about 1500 people.

Building 5

Picture of Building 5

This six-story building with one story underground houses 24 classrooms that vary in size, and AV facilities that support classes, offering an optimum educational environment. The building also houses the offices of the Admissions Office, the Health Services Office, and the information and reception counter.

Building 7

Picture of Building 7

This building mainly houses classrooms and is adjacent to the South Gate that serves as the entrance to the university when accessed from Musashi Sakai Station.

Building 8 (International Center)

Picture of Building 8 (International Building)
Picture of Building 8 (International Building)
This building serves as the center of International Exchange at Asia University. 
There is the International Center , which runs the Study Abroad Programs and facilitates International Student Support. There are various exhibitions and special events that take place in the International Lounge located on the first floor throughout the year. The building also houses the Intensive Japanese Course, the classrooms and study rooms for the Graduate School and the Center for English Language Education (CELE). Furthermore, it is equipped with a stationary shop, a convenience store, a book store, and an ATM.

Picture of Gymnasium

Along with the main athletic floor, there is a Judo dojo, a Kendo dojo, a boxing ring, and a training room.


Picture of Student Cafeteria

ASIA PLAZA. Located on the 1st and the 2nd floors of the Asia Plaza, the cafeteria offers a cheerful and comfortable space to eat. The 3rd floor , Plaza Commons is a space for relaxation, learning and socializing.

Asia Clubhouse 1・2

Picture of Asia Clubhouse 2

Asia Clubhouse 2 houses the meeting room for the International Student Association. In addition, there are several organizations here that belong to the Academic and Cultural Associations. Asia Clubhouse 1 houses rooms for athletic teams. 

Building 2

Exterior of Building 2

The glass-paneled exterior is the most striking feature of Building 2. It houses medium-to-large sized classrooms fully equipped with the latest technology. The first floor serves as a relaxation lounge for students.


A modern café located on the first floor of Building 2. It also serves food from the menu of the Bagel shop, "Bagel & Bagel."

Picture of Roof Garden

 Roof Garden
 Located on the third and fifth floors of Building 2. The Roof Garden utilizes left-over wood from the demolished, old school building for decking, and one can relax here and enjoy seasonal flowers.

Kozo OTA Memorial Hall (Library)

Exterior of Library

The library was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the University’s founding in March, 1994. It comprises a collection of about 650,000 books that is equipped with the latest amenities, the Institution’s Historical Exhibit Room, as well as the Alumni Office.

1F Information Booth

1F Information Booth
Apart from the information available to take out at the check-out counter, the Information Booth houses a reading space for newspapers and magazines.

2F Open PC Floor

2F Learning Commons
The Learning Commons is a space for group learning activities. There is also an area where students can practice giving presentations using projectors. Students can also borrow laptop computers here..

4F AV Booth

4F AV Booth
As well as language textbooks, students can freely enjoy a range of media related to movies, business, and sports.

5F Magazine Display Corner

5F Magazine Display Corner
Students can enjoy browsing through industry-specific magazines, business magazines, and other magazines of wide-ranging genres. There is a large collection of US-related and China-related magazines.

Hinode Campus

Soccer Field, Track and Athletics

Soccer Field, Track and Athletics.
All sport-related research facilities are located here, starting with the comprehensive athletic facility that houses the athletic fields and tennis courts. Most outdoor-based athletic clubs practice here. The closest station is Musashi Hikida Station of the JR Itsukaichi Line.

Hardball Baseball Field

Baseball Diamonds

Multipurpose Field

Multipurpose Field

Training Center

Training Center

Tennis Court

Tennis Court

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