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Major employment support events

Career Center holds "Employment Guidance" for first to third year students from all faculties and departments. This is an opportunity for students to eliminate their worries such as "What should I do when looking for a job?" and "How can I meet the industry/company that suits me?" and learn the preparation and knowledge necessary for job hunting.

In addition, in the "Group Guidance", we provide follow-up services other than the general Guidance, such as explanations of points that were not understood during the general Guidance, and the ability to listen to more specific job-hunting advice that suits your career design. Masu.
Main employment Guidance
Work experience Guidance
In addition to group Guidance where a large number of people gather, "group Guidance" allows you to consult in Credit of friends and colleagues. According to the characteristics of each group, Career Center staff will respond to consultations, give advice, and thoroughly explain how to approach job hunting.

2024 Job Hunting Support Event Schedule

Employment Guidance “For everyone who doesn’t want to fail in their job hunting – How to proceed with your job hunting to your advantage”

Think about what you want to work for and check your job hunting schedule. We also provide advice on how to prepare for written exams (mainly SPI) and how to spend your summer vacation. We also explain how to register for "AC Navi" as the first step in job hunting.
Learn how to prepare for your upcoming job search.

[Meeting to talk with prospective candidates]

Employment Guidance [Meeting to talk with prospective candidates]
Get practical and up-to-date information from the standpoint of a student taking a recruitment exam.
At the “Meeting to Talk with Job Offerers,” you can listen to the experiences of job hunting from the standpoint of a student taking a recruitment examination, not from the standpoint of a company. You can get specific advice and the latest information about hiring in each industry.
The “Meeting to Talk with Prospective Candidates” is a seminar where fourth-year students pass on their job-hunting know-how to third-year students, and you can obtain practical and up-to-date information about recruitment, such as the specific flow of the recruitment examination and topics for group discussions. .
Meeting to talk with prospective candidates

Industry and occupation research group

Employment Guidance [Industry Seminar]
You can learn about the current state of the industry and corporate information by inviting personnel managers from leading companies in each industry. Opportunities to listen to various companies will lead to future job hunting, rather than limiting the industry or company from the beginning. You can select industries and companies based on reality rather than images.

[Mock interview] *For 3rd year students

[Mock interview] *For 3rd year students
Mock interview just like the real thing by the recruiter. You can learn the perspective of the company and make use of it in your job hunting activities.

company discovery fair

Company Discovery Fair / "Good Company Fair"
This is the largest event among the joint corporate information sessions held at our university. Companies that employ our graduates and companies that actively employ our students are participating. The event will be held for nine days, with three parts per day, and a total of 200 companies will participate.
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