Career Related Courses (Subject Open to All students)

We have set up Subject Open to All students such as subjects for thinking about the meaning of work and designing a career, and subjects for actually experiencing work at a company. Through classes, you will face your future and prepare to become a member of society.

career internship

This is a career course in which 2nd and 3rd year students use their summer vacations to experience work at a company.
career internship
The goals of this class are: 1) to enhance the effectiveness of class learning through actual work experience at a company or other organization; 2) to provide a clue for students to think about their own employment and careers; and 3) to provide an opportunity to become aware of the importance of acquiring the basic human skills necessary for working members of society.

Through work experience, students learn about the structure of society and organizations, the content and flow of work, work regulations, and the consciousness of working adults and business people. It is also expected that students will develop a view of their careers and employment that will be useful in choosing a career or deciding on career options, and that it will motivate them to review their entire university life and find the direction and specialization of their academic ambitions (systematizing their courses, etc.).

Students undergo Practicum at various locations, mainly private companies, and the content of the work experience varies depending on the company. In the summer vacation period of the second and third years, students undergo Practicum for a certain period of time. In pre-Practicum training, students learn about the mindset and business etiquette of working adults, and after Practicum, they review the experience in post-internship training.

Class flow

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career internship
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Career Design

Career design is planning how you will spend your life centered on your occupation, in other words, thinking about how you will spend your time in the future.
Career Design
Students who want to take this course ask themselves, "Is it possible to plan a career-centered life in the first place?" 'What should I do if my plan doesn't work?'

As there is a theory that ``80% of an individual's career is determined by unforeseen chance events'', rather than just making plans, we actively act to connect unexpected chance events to good fortune. It is also necessary to Especially in the era of 100-year lifespans, when it has become difficult to complete the life plan that we made when we were young, it is necessary to continue to flexibly review our plans while identifying our own axis.
In this class,
(1) Learn the theories and knowledge you need to know when designing your career.
(2) Since there is a difference between "knowing" and "being able to do it," we will place importance on actually trying things, and connect that experience to learning.
(3) Careers grow and develop through relationships with people and society, so we will incorporate a lot of mutual interaction in order to hone the basic skills of a working adult, such as listening and speaking.
I hope that you will apply what you have learned in this class to every aspect of your daily university life, and that you will continue to lead your life centered on your career after graduation.
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