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"career options Desired Registration" on AC Navi (required)

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Based on the Employment Security Act, Asia University requires students to register their career options preferences on AC Navi.

This is an important procedure that is the first step toward job hunting. Students who wish to work for a company or civil servant must register.

What you can do with "AC Navi"

1. Searching and browsing job postings delivered to the university
The job posting page is full of information about companies that want to actively hire students from Asia University. In addition to being able to search for all job postings that have come to our university, you can also check information on the local civil service employment examination.
2. Receive career information
⚫︎Notification screen, Topics
Information that students should pay attention to is posted on the "Notifications" screen on the top page.
In addition, in "Topics", you can check information on companies that are interested in participating in career events such as on-campus company briefings (GCF) on a regular basis.
⚫︎ Receiving emails
You can receive important information from Career Center by e-mail.
3. View job hunting experiences
You can see the activity experience notes left by seniors.
Knowing how the actual written test and interview were conducted can be useful for future job hunting. Advice from seniors is also posted, so be sure to take advantage of it.
(You can check whether OB/OG is enrolled)
4. Online reservations for various support events and individual consultations
If you need to make a reservation for an event hosted by Career Center, we accept it through "AC Navi". We also accept reservations for individual consultations.
5. Applicant company and schedule management
You can manage the information of the company you are applying for and the job hunting schedule in "My Recruitment Management".
6. Asia Career Cafe
In addition to covering everything from how to spend your university life to information on job hunting, you can record the results of classes and extracurricular activities, which is also useful for reviewing.
(Updated July 20, 2023)
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