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Message from the Career Guidance Officer

Polish Your Skills by Overcoming Cultural Barriers!

In recent years, Japanese companies have started to seek global human resources more strongly. The reason for this is the added necessity to overcome various obstacles in the global business scene, and to adapt to different circumstances.

Going forward, we can say, requires: 1. The fearlessness to act in an unknown world; 2. The tenacity to follow through to the end; and 3. The ability to solve problems on your own. These are the skill sets that are being sought after.

You have all jumped into an unknown world called Japan, you have done your best to improve your Japanese, and have had a great deal of experience in overcoming cultural differences from your country of origin. You have truly learned the fundamental skills of global human resources that Japanese companies are seeking.

We will offer individual support to every one of you, with a full backing and support for your career path. Let’s create the future together!

Career Center, Career Support Division

Available Support

  1. Presentation meeting on Preparing for Career Search Activities
  2. Presentation meeting on Company Search Sites
  3. Presentation meeting on Preparing for Screening Tests
  4. Discussion with Prospective Employees/Graduates
  5. Various Certification Courses (fee-based)

Guidance and Seminars

“Good Company Fair”

We hold a joint on-campus job fair (a joint company information session) every year by inviting over 200 of Japanese blue-chip companies. Participating companies include global Japanese companies, financially successful companies, and companies with high market share, in which every student can realize his or her advantage and potential. Seminars on industry and company analysis are also held for international students.

Seminar name: Good Company Fair
Number of participating companies: Approximately 200
Seminar Name: Industry and company analysis seminar for international students
Participating industries: approximately 10 companies

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