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Voices of Senior International Students

Message from an international student who is employed in Japan.

TAN Si Cong
from Malaysia (Johor Bahru) International Relations

陳 思聡

Pursue Your Dream on Multicultural Campus

My dream is to become an international businessman, which is an occupation that required having strong idea of multiculturalism. As I study in Faculty of International Relations in Asia University, I can learn about multiculturalism not just inside classroom but also anywhere in campus. There are nearly 400 international students from all around the world in Asia University, which means I have a lot of chances to make cross-cultural communications with friends from differing cultural background. In Asia University, relation between faculties, staffs and students is very close and friendly. That makes every student have a very relaxable and comfortable environment to concentrate on study. The scholarship system in Asia University is very substantial and I started to earn my scholarship since my senior year, which really relieve my economic burden for the last three years. All staffs and faculties support every student to pursue their dream, which I think is the best part of Asia University.

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