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Message from Faculty Members

Professor, Department of Multicultural Communication


To you one year from now;

The beginners’ class is for students who aim to go to Asia University after learning some Japanese. The class starts with easy study but you will learn a lot.
Let’s enjoy studying by listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Japanese with students from various countries. We also travel and eat out together. Next year, you will be able to talk with Japanese people well and study at the university.
I look forward to seeing you in one year with a congratulatory message, “Your Japanese has improved a lot!”

Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration


By listening, talking, reading, and writing as much as possible, your Japanese will improve dramatically!

The intermediate class starts directly from the second half of the beginners’ class, and aims for the acquisition of advanced Japanese, as well as moving toward admission into Asia University. There are classes from morning untill late afternoon with many things to learn, and it is certainly not easy, but when graduates of the Intensive Japanese Course (who are now studying in the regular college) are asked for comments, they all say, “The year spent in the Intensive Japanese Course was really great!”.
Through having a set goal, the Intensive Japanese Course offers an opportunity to make your time in class meaningful. I look forward to meeting you all.

Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration

Ms. Keiko TABEI

Set your goals and make your time in class meaningful!

The advanced class aims for the acquisition of intermediate-to-advanced Japanese. Students also prepare to progress to Graduate School through attending the undergraduate-level classes. This class is good for students who aim to go to the graduate school. You will not only improve your Japanese but also learn about the Japanese university’s lectures.
One year in the Intensive Japanese Course is only a passing point in your life. Let’s have a meaningful time toward your larger goal.


Associate professor, Department of Multicultural Communication

Lively classes and plenty of opportunities to meet new people are waiting for you!
Hello to everyone studying Japanese. How are you enjoying it so far? Japanese classes at the Intensive Japanese Course at Asia University are highly enjoyable and very useful. The teachers here are friendly and you will make many wonderful new friends. Studying at Asia University is a great opportunity for you to improve your Japanese language proficiency and meet others who will inspire you and bring you joy. We look forward to having you join us here in Japan to study together.

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