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Intensive Japanese Course


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6 Main Merits

7 Main Merits

This is a one year study course designed for the purpose of acquiring the necessary Japanese and English skills to gain admission into a regular Japanese college.

Point 1.Study on the same campus, from Japanese language studies through graduate school

The university has a policy of accepting admission through a recommendation for students seeking to progress from the Intensive Japanese Course to Undergraduate Faculties (first year, third year) and the Graduate School.

Point 2.Consistent Guidance through a Homeroom Teacher System

Japanese language studies adopts a homeroom teacher system, and we will provide guidance and arrange studies in accordance with the individual student’s level.

Point 3.Asia University features its own unique scholarship system

Scholarships are awarded to top students based on their grades in the Intensive Japanese Course. For those matriculating onwards to Asia University undergraduate school, scholarships based on a referral system are also available. This makes Asia University an excellent choice for continuing studies.

Point 4.Use of Campus Facilities

The classroom of the Intensive Japanese Course is located on the Musashino Campus of Asia University. Students have access to the university library, student cafeteria, and training gym, giving them the opportunity to learn in the same environment as regular university students.

Point 5.Opportunity for Exchanges with Japanese and Multinational Students

Asia University actively facilitates student exchanges. Every year, the International Student Association hosts an International Exchange Party and an International Exchange Camp. In addition, there are many other opportunities for international students to be exposed to Japanese culture through interaction with local residents and through home-stay programs.

Point 6.Located in a Quiet, Popular Area 20 Minutes from Shinjuku, or 30 Minutes from Shibuya

Asia University is conveniently located in Musashisakai, where the Shinjuku metropolis can be accessed in 20 minutes (or 30 Minutes from Shibuya). It is also adjacent to the Kichijoji area, which has been voted as the best place to live in Japan, offering an optimal setting for study and living within a quiet and intellectual environment.

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