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Voices of International Students

A message from an international student enrolled in our Intensive Japanese Course.

Soo Khai Jingfrom Malaysia, Intensive Japanese Course

Soo Khai Jing

To be quite honest, at first I had never heard of Asia University. It was by sheer luck and coincidence that I met a senior that had graduated from this university that I got the chance to come study here. It was thanks to the ASEAN scholarship that I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of studying abroad in the land of the rising sun, Japan.

After studying for a year in the Japanese Intensive Course, also known as Bekka, I can tell you that it has been an amazing ride and I don’t regret even for a second for having come here to pursue my further studies. For the past year, I can verify that my ability to speak Japanese has skyrocketed and I have little to no problem communicating and saying my thoughts out loud in Japanese, of which I was not able to do before I had entered the Japanese Intensive Course. 
Not only that, this opportunity has given me the chance to interact with people from all over the world and not just those whom are from my own country or Japan. I have made some great friends, most of which are from various different ASEAN countries and they have been really supportive and fun to be along with. 

Not only that, the teachers in Asia University is also all so friendly and helpful. Whenever you have anything in mind, just hit them up and they will be sure to come to your aid! No matter if it’s questions related to life in Japan, further studies, or even more personal matters, they will surely help if it is within their power. 

Studying in Asia University has also taught me one important thing in life, which is to hold responsibility for yourself and others. Throughout this entire year, I have learned to become a better and more mature human being, of which I am sure would not have been possible had I just compromised and pursued my studies in a university in my own country. I have also become more self-confident with myself thanks to this opportunity, and have learned that most of the time, it really is not that you are not able to achieve something great, it is just that you don’t have the courage to step out of your own comfort zone and try something new. That part is important, and is essential to anyone looking to grow as a person, and to achieve greater things.

All in all, I highly recommend anyone who has even the slightest interest in this university to give it a shot. I can guarantee that it will be a life-changing experience to you, just like it has been to me. Come, and broaden your horizons in Asia University!

Soo Khai Jing

FARHA LUBNA AZURIAfrom Republic of Indonesia, Intensive Japanese Course

Hello! I am Farha Lubna Azuria, a foreign student from Indonesia.
I have studied Japanese for the past 1 year at Asia University's Intensive Japanese course. I really feel the improvement on my Japanese during the intensive year, I learned so much from every aspect of Japanese from grammar, letter, writing, speaking, listening and also the culture.

In Japanese intensive class we also had a lot of chances to do exchange culture with our friends from various countries, not only learning more about Japanese culture but also how it is in our culture and compare it to how it is here in Japan. From the conversation we had every day with the class member and friendly Japanese teachers, we could see so many things from different cultural point of views. That is making us knowing more about our own identity as a citizen of our own country.
All the teachers are so dedicated, friendly, and also have lots of knowledge in other field, we could experience how Japan is through their story and teaching.

We also given chance to experience some of Japanese culture and daily life by doing a field trip to Japanese traditional tourism object and also Japanese local school.As a foreign student, being away from the family is not easy. However, with this program, I found a new family, a new perspective in life, the value of family and friends, and other things I never expected to understand before.
And those things are really enrich my experience and knowledge as human being.
Farha Lubna Azuria

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