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Asia UniversityInternational Center

  • 5-8 Sakai, Musashino-shi,Tokyo 180-8629 JAPAN
  • Tel: 81-422-36-3255
  • Fax: 81-422-36-4869
  • E-mail:

Campus Map

Campus Map

【A】Building 1
Student Center, Registration Center,Administrative and Faculty Research Offices

【B】Building 2
Career Center, Classrooms, Multipurpose Halls, Coffee Shop

【C】Building 3
Classrooms, Auditorium (1556seats)

【D】Building 5
Center for Admissions and Public Relations, Health Services Office, Classrooms

【E】Building 7
Classrooms, Presentation Room

【F】Building 8
International Center, International Lounge, Center of English Language Education (CELE), Lecture Halls for Graduate Students, Institute for Asian Studies, Intensive Japanese Course, Convenience Store, Stationary Shop, Bookstore, Bakery, Copy Machines, Instant Photo Machines, ATM

1F Indoor Courts
Basement Training Rooms for Martial Arts, Weight Training Room

【H】Student Activities Building
Multipurpose Rooms, Music Room, Convenience Store, Student Lounge

【I】Clubhouse 2
Student Association Offices, Academic and Cultural Clubs Rooms

【J】Clubhouse 1
Athletic Clubs Rooms

【K】Martial Arts Building
Training Rooms for Martial Arts clubs

【L】Counseling Center

【M】Career Center


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