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Site Policy

Site Administration

This site ( is administered by the Asia Educational Incorporative and the Center for Admissions and Public Relations. Please agree to the following conditions for the use of this site. For any inquiries regarding this site, please contact us through the contact information listed at the bottom of this page, or the contact information that is available on every page.

Privacy Policy

For information regarding Asia Educational Incorporative ‘s privacy policy, please read the Privacy Policy page.

Linking to this Site

You may freely link to this site. However, please be aware that any items mentioned, or the structure of the site’s links and data may be changed or cancelled without any warning. We generally do not accept requests to provide links to other websites. In the following cases, we will refuse individuals or organizations admission to our website.

  1. Links from sites that publish texts, images, software, or any other information that is offensive to public order and morals.
  2. Links from sites that direct baseless defamation against individuals or organizations.
  3. Links that may lead to the belief that the content of this website belongs to anyone other than the university (framing).
  4. Links from sites that will violate copyrights, intellectual property rights, and portrait rights.


In principle, this site’s contents belong to the university. Please do not divert or replicate any information without permission. Furthermore, the copyright for individual pages (‐***, etc.) permitted by our university belongs to the operator of that page. If there are any items listed separately with regard to copyright on an individual page, that will take priority.

Hyperlink Destination

If the posted link within this website belongs to an external site, the university will not take any responsibility for the content of the external site.

Recommended Browsing Environment

We recommend the following browsers for optimal usage of this site. 

1. Windows
・Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or above
・Mozilla Firefox Latest edition
・Google Chrome Latest edition

2. Macintosh
・Safari Latest edition
・Mozilla Firefox Latest edition
・Google Chrome Latest edition

Depending on your browsing environment, some portions of the services offered by our website may not be accessible.

Contact Information

Center for Admissions and Public Relations
5-8 Sakai, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-8629

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