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Xianjiang Business Mission Visits Asia University

The Xinjiang Business Mission visited Asia University on November 28th. There were about 30 members in the mission and it was mostly comprised of presidents as well as vice presidents who run companies in Xinjiang, but there were some professors and students among the Mission too. After arriving at the University, a presentation was given on the overview of the University from one of the staff members of the International Center. Professor Masaki Nishizawa from the Institute for Asian Studies greeted the Mission and also gave a talk on the present state and the situation on employment of small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan. For example, he stated that, “There are 3.8 million companies in Japan, but 99% of them are small and medium-sized businesses. Among the 40 million that are employed in Japan, 65% of those work for small and medium sized enterprises.”

It was the 2nd visit to Japan by the Mission and one of them said with a smile, “I feel like I came home.”

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