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International Students from the Intensive Japanese Course Visit Sakurano Elementary School

As part of the Japanese Affairs Course , the 36 international students from the Intensive Japanese Course visited Sakurano Elementary School on November 29th.

Arriving at school, the international students were welcomed by 1st to 6th graders with the Welcome Board that was full of their names and flags from different countries. The students seemed really happy with the reception they received. After participating in the class with the elementary school students, an exchange session was arranged by each classroom. Questions such as, “How do you say ‘hello’ in your country,” “What does your flag look like,” and “What kind of food tastes good,” were asked, and the children seemed really interested in different cultures.

They had all become friends by the time the two and half hour exchange program was up, and one could hear the children saying, “Come back again tomorrow.” When they left campus, the international students received self-portraits and Haikus written on strips of papers, and genuinely seemed to have a good time.


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