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The Presentation of the Results of ASIA YUME COLLEGE

The presentation of the results of ASIA YUME COLLEGE was held on February 11th.  The ASIA YUME COLLEGE - Career Development China Program (AUCP) is a four year program which includes an approximately five month study-abroad in Dalian, China, where the students take Chinese courses at Dalian University of Foreign Languages and do an internship (gain business experience) at local Japanese-affiliated companies. There were 27 students who participated in this program and who reported their experiences.

Sophomore students who had just come back from Dalian, China, gave a speech titled “My Realization and My Future” and reported their experience of the study-abroad and internship. Junior and senior students reported about their project team and personal actions. Guest audiences from various companies and organizations which collaborated in the program gave useful advice based on actual situations. The event’s participants also engaged in a lively questions and answers session.

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