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Completion of the Track and Field Club’s Training Camp Center

The construction of the Track and Field Club’s Training Camp Center near Hinode Campus was completed on February 16th.

The center is made of steel reinforced with concrete and is three stories above ground. In addition to 30 double occupancy rooms and a medical treatment room, it has common spaces, such as a multipurpose room and a study room. With the entrance hall built in the wellhole style, this bright, open, new training center is purposed the club members to train and achieve good results at the Hakone Ekiden (a long-distance relay race).

On the same day, a news release about the sports promotion of the university was also issued in which  President Michiharu Kurita announced that Asia University would support university sports such as baseball and track and field, and that the university desires to develop various activities which contribute to the local community through sports in the future.

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