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Clean-up On Mount Fuji ‘Experiential Learning of Global Environment Theory’

Forty-six students who attended a lecture on “Experiential Learning of Global Environment Theory” at the Department of Multicultural Communication, in the Faculty of International Relations, helped a clean-up on Mount Fuji in collaboration with the Fuji-san Club (authorized NPO).

There wasn’t so much trash in sight at first, but after taking a few steps into the bush, various kinds of trash which had been discarded such as tires, cans, and plastics, etc. were found.

After cleaning for about three hours, one of the participating students said, “There is more trash than I thought.” One international student said, “It is surprising. I had an impression there was no trash in Japan.”

In this class, the students also experienced exterminating invasive species of pests in Inokashira Park, in addition to learning from a lecture on global environmental problems.

The students will summarize and present proposals for solving issues concerning preservation of the global environment in the coming debriefing sessions.

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