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Kodai Hayashi Excelled at the Deaflympics

The 23rd Summer Deaflympics, the Olympics for deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes, was held this year in Samsun, Turkey from July 18 to 30. Kodai Hayashi, a current student of Asia University, participated in all of the three preliminary league matches as a member of Japan’s national soccer team. Although the team did not make it to the final 16, Kodai contributed by scoring the opening goal in the game against Italy.

This was the first world tournament for Kodai. He looked back on the game and said, “I am very disappointed as we could not advance to the final 16, but I felt that we could fight neck and neck with players much larger than us. As we were overwhelmed by the players from other countries who shouldered the responsibility of winning the game for their home countries, I came to realize that we must be more aggressive to win.”

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