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Students Support the Tokyo Sports Expo 2017 as Volunteers

Members of the Judo, Karate, and Boxing Clubs participated in the Tokyo Sports Expo 2017 as student volunteers, to support the operation of the event which was conducted in Inokashira Onshi West Park. This event was held on October 7 and 8 and co-hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Sport Benefits Corporation, to provide an opportunity for visitors to enjoy doing various sports easily. A variety of programs for experiencing sports were provided including Judo, Karate, boxing, bouldering, Taekwondo, lacrosse, and yoga. The club members supported the event as staff and instructed visitors in areas for experiencing each sport respectively. Many participants in Judo and Karate programs were children, while those boxing were working adults. The Tokyo Sports Expo 2017 was also held in the Komazawa Olympic Park. The EXPO held at Inokashira Onshi West Park was a great success, attracting 32,000 people on October 7th and 53,000 people on the 8th. The student volunteer staff were actively involved in this lively event.

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