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Cultural Exchange at Tanashi High School

A cross-cultural exchange session was held at the neighboring Tanashi High School (Nishitokyo city) with 33 students from our Intensive Japanese Course participating. This session was held on November 28 with the aim of broadening and disseminating knowledge about Japanese culture, entertaining international students with fun events, and deepening mutual understanding through cultural exchanges. .International students joined with groups of about four people in classes of 1st year students in the high school and participated with them in various Japanese cultural activities such as origami paper folding art, calligraphy, the dressing of yukata (informal summer kimono), and cat’s cradle. They deepened their friendship in the two-hour exchange session, and by the time the session was over, some international students received their portraits, square cards with calligraphy, and origami, as a souvenir.

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