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Commemorative Symposium for the 50th Anniversary of the Institute of Asian Studies

 On November 10, Asia University held a commemorative symposium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the University’s Institute of Asian Studies. The theme of the symposium was “Globalization of Higher Education in Japan and China: Issues and Outlook for the Future.” The event attracted over 100 people on the day.
 The symposium began with opening addresses from Professor Kazuo Yukawa, Head of the Institute of Asian Studies, Asia University and Mr. Hu Zhiping, the Minister-Counselor (educational affairs) of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan.
 The first session of the symposium was devoted to keynote lectures. Ms. Liu Hong, President of the Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DUFL) delivered a lecture under the theme, “Practice and Issues of Globalization in DUFL.” This was followed by a lecture from Mr. Masakatsu Oshima, President of Asia University, under the theme, “Global Education of Asia University: Outcomes and Issues.”  
 The second session was a panel discussion on the theme of “Focusing on Global Human Resource Development for Future Roles in Asia.” The panel discussion was moderated by Professor Koichi Ishikawa of the institute and panelists from both inside and outside the University discussed global human resource development from their respective viewpoints.

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