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2018 Asia Gakuen Scholarship Award Ceremony

 The 2018 “Asia Gakuen ToshikazuYamaguchi” Scholarship” award ceremony took place in the President’s office on November 20. Asia University President, Masakatsu Oshima, presented the scholarships and testimonials to two students who passed grade 1 of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bookkeeping Certification Examination.
 The “Asia Gakuen Toshikazu Yamaguchi Scholarship” was established, respecting the wishes of deceased Professor Emeritus Toshikazu Yamaguchi for encouraging students to acquire accounting related qualifications and supporting the students’ career development to become accounting specialists.
 President Oshima, who is also an examiner for Japan’s CPA examinations, expressed his appreciation for the students’ diligent and continued efforts, and gave encouraging remarks for their bright future.

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