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AUCP Asia Yume College Results Presentation

 On February 9, the results presentation of the Asia Yume College Program--Career Development China Program--was held on campus with participants ranging from freshmen to seniors. The sophomore students who had returned from China gave a briefing on their experiences participating on their internships. The junior and senior students gave individual presentations while the seniors focused on results produced through the program. Guests from supporting companies also attended the event, giving some practical advice to the students after their presentations.
 At the venue, an inaugural meeting was also held for the freshman students who will go to Dalian, China in March to study and work as interns there for six months. The President, Masakatsu Oshima, gave encouraging remarks saying, “I am so glad the students will be studying overseas and broadening their horizons. I hope they will return here having maintained both their physical and mental well-being while achieving great personal development.” The representative of the freshmen students expressed their determination by saying, “Taking advantage of such a valuable opportunity not afforded to other students, we intend to approach this new challenge head on so that six months from now we will know just how far we have come.”

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