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Implementation of Training to Support Students with Disabilities

 At Asia University, students with disabilities such as those with hearing or visual impairments study alongside other students. At our Learning Support Office for Students with Disabilities, a peer support system was established in 2017 and a system where our students can learn from each other through opportunities such as sign language courses and student life support for visually impaired students has been implemented.

 On May 21, library staff and part-time student employees participated in a hands-on training session to learn how to guide visually impaired students under the guidance of an instructor and student of the basic sign language course.

 As the university library is located on the upper floors, the participants in eye covers tried the guiding methods when using the stairs by working in pairs. One of the participants said, “Staff education is essential in creating an environment where students from various backgrounds can learn together. I feel my skills have improved through this training session.”

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