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Send-off Party for Student Representing Japan in the 30th Universiade

 A send-off party was held on campus on June 27 for Archery Club member Ryosuke Kishi, who represented Japan as an archery athlete at the 30th Universiade.
 At the send-off party, after words of encouragement from President Masakatsu Oshima, an introduction to archery competitions was given. The rules of archery and the types of bows were explained, and attendees were surprised to learn that the shooting distance for the compound bow division is 50 meters, or over twice the length of the send-off party venue.
  “It will be my first time shooting in an international competition,” said a determined Ryosuke. “Of course I want to achieve a good result, but I also want to do my best to get acclimated to the atmosphere of international competitions and gain experience that will be useful for me as an athlete going forward.”

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