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Asia University Smoke-Free Declaration

 Smoking can pose serious health risks, and the health hazards it poses to non-smokers as a result of undesired secondhand smoke is a significant social issue.

 For this reason, domestically, we have seen progress in legislation regarding the prevention of secondhand smoke such as with the partial revision of the Health Promotion Act (effective July 1, 2019).

 As such, after July 2019, all areas of the University will, in principle, be smoke-free, excluding areas that have taken measures to prevent secondhand smoke, designated as “specified outdoor smoking areas.”

 Thorough regulations regarding smoking and the prevention of secondhand smoke have become an international trend that is making headway not only in Japan but many countries across the world.

 In response to this, Asia University strives to achieve the global standard of a campus free from secondhand smoke, while adhering to relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, as part of the second three-year action plan “to create a safe, secure, and appealing campus,” as an organization we will promote the following initiatives in order to ensure our students have a bright future, do not pick up the habit of smoking during their student life, and that students who are currently smokers can join society, having “graduated from smoking.”:

  (1) Gradual removal of university smoking areas
  (2) Implementation of smoking awareness and support initiatives within the university
  (3) Enhanced patrols to prevent smoking in areas other than specified smoking areas
  (4) Promotion of a smoke ban amongst faculty and staff

 Our university campus is a gathering place not only for students, faculty, and staff but also many others including graduates, area residents, and guests from overseas. As an open university, we take our responsibilities seriously and this declaration pledges to take a stance on the promotion of a non-smoking environment.

 We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

 July 1, 2019
Masakatsu Oshima
President of Asia University,

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