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20 High School Students Visit from Hong Kong

 On July 1, twenty high school students and two teachers from Po Leung Kuk Ho Yuk Ching (1984) College, a secondary school in Hong Kong, visited Asia University.
 The visitors experienced one of our University’s Japanese language classes where they learned how to say “hajimemashite” (“hello”), “dozo yoroshiku” (“nice to meet you”), and other simple greetings. After the lesson, Chung Yilam an Asia U student from Hong Kong talked about student life at the University. “The professors here are very passionate about teaching,” said Chung reflecting on her own experiences when asked about classes and course placement. “I studied for one year on the Intensive Japanese Course where I learned a lot of vocabulary and grammar, which improved my abilities enough that I can now speak with the professors on a variety of topics. It’s alright even if you can’t speak Japanese at first.”
 On that day, the visitors also enjoyed a kendo experience led by students from the Kendo Club. Participants held bamboo swords and received a lesson in the kendo practice of shouting and how to swing a sword.

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