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64 International Students Visit from Japanese Language Schools

 64 international students from New Japan Academy and Meisei International Language Institute visited Asia University on July 11.
 The visitors listened to a general overview of Asia U from staff of the International Student Services Division, as well as explanations on trends and tips for admission.
 Afterwards, five current students talked about their lives as students here. “In my seminar, there are a lot of students of different nationalities,” said Tomohiro Fukagai. “Sharing ideas and studying with those from so many different backgrounds is intriguing and is one of the things that only Asia University can offer.”
 The visiting Japanese language school students had various questions regarding classes, study abroad programs, and university cafeterias. “Do you think I would be okay attending this school even if my English ability is not very high?” asked one visitor. Vietnamese student Ranthi Hongvan answered, “Classes are not just listening to explanations on vocabulary and grammar. We talk about the theme decided at the beginning of the class and enjoy a fun curriculum based around conversation.”

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