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ASEAN International Student Exchange Party

 The ASEAN International Student Scholarship Program was established by Asia University in March of 2016. On July 25, we held the ASEAN International Student Exchange Party, which was attended by 39 students receiving the scholarship and representatives of the companies that invest in and support the scholarship fund.
 The mood of the party was friendly from start to finish, with the international students talking amicably with the corporate representatives. The international students gave reports on their recent activities and spoke about their personal goals. “After graduating I want to find a job in Japan.” said one student. “Once I reach my thirties, I want to return to my home country and start my own company someday.” Other students respectively expressed their desire to become a diplomat, as well hopes to get a job working in a position bridging Japan and their home country.
 In their self-introduction, one student thanked the sponsor organizations, saying, “Thanks to this scholarship, I was able to fulfill my dream of studying abroad in Japan. Thank you so much.”

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