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Thirty-four Intensive Japanese Course Students Visit Sakurano Elementary School

 On October 10, 34 students from the Intensive Japanese Course visited Musashino Municipal Sakurano Elementary School as part of their “Japanese affairs” class studies.
 After receiving a welcome from elementary school students acting as representatives of the school, the international students were greeted individually by children holding welcome boards bearing their name and led by the hand to the classrooms. The international students joined the elementary school students in taking classes such as Japanese language, math, and PE, and then participated in an exchange session in which they taught the children about the food culture of their country and how they perform greetings. Even after classes were finished, the international students were taught how to fold origami and ate lunch with the children, realizing an even deepener exchange. When asked about the experience, the international students said, “I was happy that the kids were interested in my country,” and “It was fun to fold origami with them.”

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