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Debriefing Session Held to Report on the Results of “Japan Studies” Internships

 A debriefing session on the results of internships by students of “Japan Studies”, one of the subjects open to all students, was held on November 13. The subject aims to learn about the employment environment in Japan and conditions regarding job hunting for international students. At the debriefing session, three international students from ASEAN countries who had participated in internships at companies during the summer vacation reported their experiences.
 One of the international students, who gained work experience in sales and systems engineering, talked about the difficulties she had encountered and the realizations she gained through this practical experience, saying, “I realized the importance of sharing information when working as a team and how difficult it was to serve bridge between people for smooth communication, and through the experience, I developed the mentality of a member of the workforce.”
 A representative from the company encouraged her by saying, “We hope that you will take advantage of the awareness gained from the internship and presentation this time to put them into action so that you can build a successful career based on your various awareness and experiences.”

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