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International Students Hold A Cultural Exchange Session at Tanashi High School

 On November 27, 33 international students visited Tokyo Metropolitan Tanashi High School and held a cross-cultural exchange session as part of their “Japanese Affairs” studies, a subject in which they learn about Japanese geography, economy, and society.
 The international students were divided into small groups with three to four people and observed classes such as tea ceremony, judo, and science. They also enjoyed talking with the attending students in both English and Japanese. Following this, at the high school freshman classes they introduced their own cities and food culture to the Japanese students and then participated in Japanese cultural experiences prepared by the high school students, including “Menko”, “Hyakunin-Isshu” (playing cards with a hundred Japanese poems), Japanese calligraphy, origami, and “Kendama” cup and ball games.
 The international students shared their impressions of the event, saying, “The Judo performance was very powerful,” and “The Origami experience here reminded me of my memorable experience of being taught how to fold it by a Japanese teacher in the U.S. The event was very meaningful.”

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