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Residential Lease Agreements

For those students living in a rented apartment, it is your own responsibility to make sure that you comply with the stipulations of the lease agreement and do not cause any trouble to your neighbors. It may be necessary to buy fire insurance when signing the lease. However, since you have already bought into the Student Insurance System, this may not be necessary. Please verify this point upon signing the agreement.

Joint Guarantor Scheme

Asia University has a Joint Guarantor Scheme for international students who do not have a guarantor at the time of renting an apartment. However, there are conditions and procedures to be followed. Therefore, please consult with the International Center before choosing an apartment.

1. Eligibility and Conditions

  1. The individual must be a student of Asia University, or the person’s matriculation must be guaranteed.
  2. The individual’s status of residence must be that of College Student, and they must be able to purchase Comprehensive Renters Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan of the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services. *With regard to insurance, one can either select Course A (one year/4,000 yen) or Course B (two years/8,000 yen) depending on the length of residency.
  3. The desired place of residence must be within the designated areas of: Musashino-city, Koganei City, Mitaka City, or Nishi Tokyo City (and must be south of the Seibu Shinjuku Line).
  4. The individual must put in writing the designated clause containing the special conditions stipulated by Asia University in the lease agreement.
  5. The individual must be able to comply with the content of the written oath issued by the university.
  6. The individual must be trustworthy.
  7. Any cohabitant must be a student of Asia University (same sex), or the spouse of, or children of the renter.

For any procedural matter concerning the cancellation or renewal of the lease of an apartment for any property that Asia University has agreed to be a joint guarantor of, all documentation must be completed at the International Center. guarantor of, please

2. Procedures

  1. Please consult with the International Center before choosing an apartment.
  2. Receive the Joint Guarantor Surety Request Form and Written Oath Form and To Homeowners and Real Estate Agencies (Description 1), and verify your eligibility, before selecting the property
  3. Verify with the real estate agency whether they will allow the inclusion of the clause of Special Conditions stipulated by the university in the agreement. Furthermore, check with the agency whether you need to join an insurance scheme that has an agreement with the real estate agency, since you have already bought into the Student Insurance System.
  4. Once settling on a property, please come to the International Center with the following documents: Student ID, your Certificate of Alien Registration, the Residential Lease Agreement, and the Joint Guarantor Surety Request Form and Written Oath Form.
  5. We will interview you at the International Center and screen the submitted documents. It will take a few days to complete the screening process, and we may ask you to submit additional papers.
  6. If you pass the screening, please start the application process for Comprehensive Renters Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan.
  7. Receive the agreement form (the column for the Joint Guarantor will already be filled in).
  8. Sign the Residential Lease Agreement with the homeowner or real estate agency and submit a copy to the International Center.

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