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We have compiled a list of questions that are often asked at office of the International Center. Please use this page as a way to help solve your problems, but if you are unclear or have any questions, please consult directly with us without any hesitation.

I Have Difficulty Paying Tuition. What Should I do?
We allow deferred payment of tuition. If you are unable to pay your tuition on time due to family reasons, please submit details regarding the amount of deferred payment that you are planning to make to the Student Center (first floor of Building 2) promptly, in order to receive permission.
I Am Thinking of Renting an Apartment, but How Do I Arrange For a Joint Guarantor?
We have a Joint Guarantor System, where the university (the Director of the International Center) acts as the joint guarantor (for an institutional guarantee). Before you start the process of renting an apartment, please consult with the International Center.
I Received a Collection Letter for Residential Tax and a Health Insurance Premium
For anyone residing in Japan, it is a civic duty to pay taxes and to join the National Health Insurance system.
Depending on the township where you reside, international students may be exempt from paying residential tax, and the premium for health insurance may be reduced if you have no income. Please inquire further at your local city office.
The Collection Amount for my Residential Tax and Health Insurance Premium Seems Substantially Higher than that of my Friends
The residential tax and the health insurance premium varies depending your annual income. Hence, some people will have to pay a hefty amount. Depending on your nationality, you may be exempt from paying taxes, or if you have applied for a tax treaty there are cases where you are excused from paying taxes. Please apply for a tax treaty at the tax office where your part-time job is located.
If I am an International Student, is it Possible for Me to Study Abroad?
As long as you are a student of Asia University, you can take part in the study abroad programs sponsored by the university. However, participation may be limited to students studying on certain programs. Please inquire at the International Center (second floor of Building 8 in the International Plaza).
How can I Sit for the Campus-Based Entrance Examination for Admission By Recommendation in order to Enter Graduate School from the Undergraduate Faculty?
Please inquire at the Registration Center (first floor of Building 1).
I Want to Continue Job Hunting After I Graduate
You should be able to change your residence status to that of Designated Activities (in order to continue seeking employment) which allows you to extend your stay for up to six months. Since you are also able to make a one-time extension, you will be able to stay up to a maximum period of one year. Many documents are necessary to apply for this change of status, and in particular, a Recommendation Letter from the university is very important.
In order to receive the Recommendation Letter, it is necessary to complete all formalities at the university, up until the graduation ceremony. It is important to be present at the graduation class orientation and verify your application procedure. Please inquire further at the consultation window located on the first floor of Building 2.
I Have a Friend Seeking Entrance into the Intensive Japanese Course. What Should I Do?
From the middle of June, the International Center gives out application forms and brochures. We also send information by post, so please inquire at the office.
How Do I Invite My Family to Japan?
In order to invite your family to Japan, it is necessary to have a personal guarantor, and the International Center can not serve as one. Please ask your friends for assistance. The required documents and the process of invitation will differ depending on your nationality.

<Ministry of Foreign Affairs> Please download an application form from:
How can I Get the Certificate of Receipt for My Scholarship?
The application form is available at the International Center.

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