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Visas and Residence Status

Management of International Students Residing in Japan

Issuance of a Resident Card

A Resident Card will be issued with regard to the permission for residency that encompasses the permission for landing, the permission for changes in the status of residency, and permission for renewal of the status of residency.

Issuance Method

The Card will be given to you at Narita Airport or Haneda Airport upon entering Japan. For international students who currently have a Certificate of Alien Registration, the Resident Card will be issued from Immigration Services at the time when they are applying for a renewal in the period of residency or a change in the period of stay. Until then, the regular Certificate of Alien Registration will be accepted as a Resident Card.
During the application process with regard to the issuance of a Resident Card (an Application for Permission to Renew the Period of Stay, etc.), the student will be required to submit a photo (40mm long, 30mm wide) that was taken within the last three months.

Cases that Require Application

1. When Changing Address

Take your Resident Card, and report your new address to the city office or ward office within the area where you have moved to, within 14 days from the day of moving (please verify with the city office whether or not you are also required to report a change of address to the old city or ward office).

2. Upon Losing a Resident Card

Please report the loss to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days.

3. When Changing Name or Nationality

Please report to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days.
*You must also report to the International Student Services Division and Student Affairs Division (first floor of Building 1) after the completion of the process in any of these cases.

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