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Safety Guidelines

Disaster Evacuation—Earthquakes/Fire

Japan is a country with a history of many earthquakes. You should have an in-depth understanding of what disasters are possible, and be able to take appropriate action by being aware of the safety issues involved. Asia University has a pre-determined disaster evacuation plan. During an emergency, please evacuate in accordance with the Disaster Evacuation Map.

The Three Main Steps during an Earthquake

1.Ensure your own safety first

Take cover under a desk to protect yourself from falling objects. Lights, ceilings, and monitors may fall, and chests of drawers may collapse. Do not go outside in a panic. Window glass and billboards may also shatter or collapse.
Keep your distance from buildings and protect yourself as much as possible from falling objects and collapsing buildings.

2. Put out fires
Immediately try to put out all fires. Damage due to fire is the most common cause of destruction after an earthquake.

3.Check for injured people around you.
If there is an injured person nearby, check the person’s status and if possible, give first aid. If necessary, call an ambulance or a nurse (if you are at the university).
Usually an earthquake ends in about 30 seconds.
When the ground is shaking, try not to move, and do not go outside in a panic.

If You are at the University

  1. If an earthquake with an intensity 4 or higher has been recorded, there will be an public emergency announcement.
  2. If you hear a siren or the emergency announcement, take measures to ensure your own safety.
  3. When the tremor subsides, please go to the evacuation site.
  4. If strong tremors are not recorded, the evacuation will be cancelled.

«Evacuation Behavior after an Earthquake»
During class - Evacuate under the guidance of the faculty member in charge.
Outside of class - Move to the closest evacuation site by yourself.

«Behavior at the Evacuation Site»
Gather in accordance with your department and faculty, and listen carefully to the instructions given by the disaster prevention staff.
Roll call will be made to verify the safety of all students.

If You are Off Campus

At part-time job − Evacuate under the guidance of your supervisor.
On your way home − Go home.
Afterwards − Contact your family and give them your status, and then contact the International Center and give them your status.
*Protect yourself from falling objects such as billboards and window glass if you are in a crowded area.

Emergency Contact

Asia University
International Cooperation Office, International Center
5-8 Sakai, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-8629 JAPAN

Tel: 81-422-36-3255
Fax: 81-422-36-4869

On-Campus Evacuation Sites

Disaster Evacuation Map

If an Earthquake with an Intensity of 4 or Higher has been Predicted by the Early Warning System

The emergency broadcasting system will automatically begin and a university-wide siren will go off twice for two seconds each time, followed by the emergency announcement: “There is going to be an earthquake. Please take measures for protection against strong tremors.”

If There Are No Strong Tremors

If a strong tremor has not been recorded, a follow up announcement will be made. In this case, evacuation will be cancelled.

Evacuation Behavior

The time it takes for a strong tremor to hit depends on the epicenter of the earthquake, but from the start of the siren/emergency broadcasting it usually takes around ten seconds for the tremor to be felt. Depending on where you are, you may not have enough time to respond. Regardless of where you are, if you hear the siren and the emergency broadcast, please take appropriate safety measures.

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